This site is a demo for the mnml ghost blog theme. Mnml is beautiful, minimal, responsive, and content-focused with great typography. The use of a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line provide an optimal reading experience. Mnml also features post thumbnails on the homepage, an elegant print stylesheet, code syntax highlighting, and more.

Mnml is being actively developed and maintained, and is compatible with the latest version of Ghost.


  • Totally responsive
  • Perfect readability — MNML features a type-scale, responsive typography, and carefully set line length for the best reading experience.
  • Great Typography
    • Typeset in Source Serif Pro, Source Sans Pro, and Alegreya
    • Blazingly fast Brick webfonts
    • Cross-browser drop-capitals
    • Attractive Pullquotes
  • Responsive <aside> tags for interrupting yourself
  • Prism.js syntax highlighting
  • Better horozontal rules
  • .thumb class for inline responsive thumbnails
  • Responsive post thumbnails on the homepage
  • Elegant print stylesheet
  • Robots.txt inproves SEO by removing tag listings from search engines so your content is more prominent
  • Lean, responsive menu for static pages [NEW!]
  • AJAX Comments, powered by Disqus, that don’t slow down your site.
  • Proper vertical rhythm